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Anonymous: Why do you worship satan and do witchcraft?

Because I want to conserve my youth

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I often get the feeling of simply escaping from my reality. When this happens I end up thinking about booking a flight and a hotel in a city that welcomes me with warmth. A city that encourages and incites.
Every single step will inspire me.
I would go to a bar and drink. Hopefully I get to meet people that have the same intentions… of living a surreal moment.
One drink, two drinks. Wine or perhaps whiskey shots. Maybe a beer or two.
While pondering of this, the sight of an environment with loud dance music and a great deal of colored lights follows up: Blue, purple, pink, yellow.
The beat takes control over my body and I let loose.
There’s new faces that give away smiles and energy…
This will make me feel full and free. That’s something I have been craving long enough.

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I itch all night
I itch for you
You’re just my type
What’s a boy to do

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